What is Christian Mysticism?

I was starting a group on meetup.com called Christian Mystics, hoping to get a group together to study the works of Edgar Cayce and other great Christian Mystics. I was not sure why, but with only 14 members, it did not seem to be catching on. It seemed it wasn’t doing well, so I decided to ask the students in my psychic development class if they had seen the group and what they thought. Some had joined it, and some did not. They all seemed to be uncomfortable with the idea of mysticism, which really surprised me to hear. It seemed many did not have a really good understanding of what Mysticism, or for that matter what Christian Mysticism was. While I decided to close the group down, and start with a fresh approach, as my students beckoned me to do, I still hope this blog can help explain a little about Christian Mysticism.

Christian Mysticism refers to the development of mystical practices and theory within Christianity. Christianity, is the firm belief in Jesus Christ. Mysticism is the knowledge of, and especially the personal experience of, states of consciousness. In mystical practice, an individual aims to achieve levels of being, beyond normal human perception, including direct intuitive experience and communion with the divine. This can most often be reached through active prayer, and passive meditation. The Christian Mystic knows that this includes connecting with Our Heavenly Father, His Son (Jesus Christ), or even being touched by the Holy Spirit at any given time.

Mysticism is not an easy spiritual pathway, because the mystic must first see the true self in order to truly know God; the ultimate, eternal source of love. True spiritual communication is only achieved when one learns to break past all the masks and veils of the world to know their true self, and to love their true self.

In knowing the self, the Christian Mystic finds a stronger understanding of the life and death of our Savior, Jesus Christ. The Christian Mystic can not let their faith in God and in Jesus go, because it is important to who they truly are as children of God. God’s undying love for all of us, and the sacrifice of his son are at the cornerstone of everything we do as Christians with Mystical Abilities. Without a firm belief in Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, many of us would not be able to function as Christian Mystics.

The Spiritual Awakening Process is one every mystic must face, leading to self-realizations, self acceptance, and learning self love, in order to truly connect with the divine. Spiritual Awakening leads to living a mystical life, because once we know our true selves, we always want to improve and stay on our path, both as spiritual teachers and students. We become aware of our good points and bad points, and we want to make them better. It is not an easy process, but it is one every mystic must face.

Mysticism exists within all major religions. It has nothing to do with magick or witchcraft. In reaching the higher states of consciousness and connecting with the divine, the Christian mystic emerges with a greater understanding of God’s sacrifice for us, through His Son, Jesus Christ. And the Christian Mystic is left with a strong understanding that they too must sacrifice for the greater good of the world.

(For anyone intestested in joining the new group with the new approach,  please go to Jacksonville Area Search for God Study Group and join from this link. I also run another group focused on meditation, healing circles, and psychic, empathic, and  mediumship development called Spiritual Awakenings, which all Jacksonville Area locals are welcome to join as well.

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I am just your average psychic medium, spiritual healer, paranormal investigator, writer, radio host, and, of course, super mom. 2 of my kids are on the autism spectrum, and I have worked in the in the autism community before. Awareness is key.
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One Response to What is Christian Mysticism?

  1. soma says:

    Thank you for speaking on Christian Mysticism, which I also believe is the knowledge of the soul, which knows health, happiness, and the best path for us to take because the knowledge comes from within the person it is guiding. It works through our intellect to expand our perceptions so we can evolve spiritually, grow stronger, and not do harm. Enlightenment starts in the intellect, but leads to our intuition and it shows us how to respond to the new perceptions beyond the five senses. Of course the ego doesn’t want to listen to another guide and denies hearing anything beyond the senses. It doesn’t want to lose control and doesn’t regard the new knowledge from intuition as useful so we don’t submit to the message.

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