Psychic Abilities: Gift or Curse?


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Yesterday, I was doing an in person reading for a client. As most clients do, she had more than one situation weighing her down and she just needed some counsel and direction on her life path to help her through. So, she came to me for help. Without getting too deeply into her situations, I would say that as a mother and wife her situations were not just affecting her, but her entire family. Things going on with her were having effects on her husband and her children as well. This was her first time ever coming to a psychic, and she had no clue what to expect. By the time she left, she had clarity and understanding about so many things more than she expected to, and she was very thankful for this reading that would clearly change her life, her path, and that of her family. She thanked me for this, and parted ways with a better resolve on how to handle many situations.

As she left it hit me what a blessing it was for me to read for this lady and for many others like her… How blessed am I to be able to help entire families change for the better?

I have heard so many people discuss the age old debate. Are psychic abilities a gift or a curse? 

There are times through the years that I have thought it indeed must be a curse, because others do not always believe you when you see what they can not. Sometimes, when things happen, others will even try to blame a psychic for making it happen by predicting it. We don’t make these things happen, just because we can see them coming. As I have told many through the years, I can give information and warn you of bad things that will happen, but you have to make the improvements to change those things. For example, an over weight person, may simply need to change their diet and exercise to avoid an upcoming heart attack. If they fix things through diet and exercise, the impending heart attack might never happen, but if they continue on the same unhealthy path that lead to the extra weight, then the heart attack most likely will happen as an end result. The future is not up to me, but up to you and your own free will. I simply see windows of what can happen and will, unless the energy is changed. For that is our true job as psychics and mediums; to help everyone change for the better, whether it be by constructively fixing their life or by helping someone to move on from a loss.

Another reason I have seen these abilities as a curse in the past, is because it can be quite painful to know bad things will happen before they do, and not be able to stop them. I recall feeling completely cursed by knowing all about my father’s passing in advance and not being able to change it. I tried to tell him things that could prolong his life a little, but he would only listen to his doctor and not me, and his doctor led him down a path to a faster and more painful passing. At the time, it felt like a living hell to re-watch an agonizing death, I alone had already seen happen, while everyone else was only going through his suffering for the first time. It caused me to mourn, when everyone else was still trying to hold on to hope. And so, I mourned 3 times: First, when I received the information psychically, second, when I watched my father get sick and suffer as I was already shown he would, and third, when time caught up with the visions and he passed away from this world. It was not an easy way to go through the death of someone I loved so much, and so, it did feel like a curse at the time.

But now it has hit me. We can not help everyone. Even some who come to us as clients are not actually willing to really take the information and use it to improve their lives. Does that make these abilities a curse? Absolutely not…

These abilities are a blessing from God. We are truly blessed to be given the gifts of seeing, hearing, feeling, healing, and knowing. Why? Because while we can not help everyone, there are those people who we will connect with on a much higher level who will hear us and understand. We will be able to help them make constructive choices that will change their lives forever. Sometimes, this work even allows us to save a life, or in some cases, many lives. Who knows…We could have advised someone to become a doctor who saves many lives, or a social worker who saves children from bad situations, or perhaps, we could have advised someone to work as another psychic, whose advice will help change and shift the energy of so many. The possibilities of how we can help change and mold the future through this form of knowing is endless! Yes, it is a true blessing and a gift from God to be chosen for this work.

I am one who can truly say that I did not choose the work, but it chose me. When I finally accepted it, and got some training to help me understand just what I could do with it, I found that it was well worth it for the many people I CAN help, and the positive energy I can shift through my work in this world. Today, I am happy to say that I am an Empath, Psychic, Medium, Reiki Master, and Pranic Healing Practioner, and I’m proud to be every one of these things, because it allows me to help so many, both here and on the other side. What a true gift it is to help others, and what a true gift it is to be available here to help you!

About Psychic Medium Valerie Renee

I am just your average psychic medium, spiritual healer, paranormal investigator, writer, radio host, and, of course, super mom. 2 of my kids are on the autism spectrum, and I have worked in the in the autism community before. Awareness is key.
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  1. Susan Forleo says:

    It’s very important to everyone’s life handle situations. Every people have problem in their life but some of the people can only handle their problem in timely. You’re writing was great for us to learn handling our life. Thanks.

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