About Valerie


I am Valerie Renee; a clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient, empathic, psychic medium and spiritual healer. Clairvoyant generally means “clear seeing”, meaning I get visions, or “See” the information coming to me. Clairaudient generally means “clear hearing”, meaning that I actually hear information for you in my head. Generally speaking, it usually comes in like a thought, but as a thought I know is not my own. Sometimes, however, I do hear the information in full volume, in my outer ear. Clairsentient means “clear feeling” and basically means that strong feelings will come over me, causing me to just know a situation through sensations. This is very similar to empathy, in that your physical senses can become involved. However, being empathic means that I can actually feel the pain of others. Being a psychic means that I can connect with the energy of spirit within a physical body, and being  mediumistic means I can connect to the energy of the of spirit of deceased loved ones, spirit guides, guardian angels, etc.

I am a natural born psychic medium. I remember having contact with spirit, knowing things would happen before they did, etc, from a very young age, though growing up in a family that was not fully accepting of these abilities and kept most their abilities secret from me for many years, left me with alot of self doubt and question in my mind. Still, my abilities came through, and I recieved a very clear message from God that this was to be my calling. God put me here to help people in this way.

I am so grateful God called me to be his instrument.  It truly is a gift, and it brings so much healing to so many, and I  feel privileged to be allowed to see God’s healing love working through me, for this healing knowledge does not come from me, but God. I am only the instrument in God’s hands. I guess I would view myself as a sort of spiritual counselor and translator for the other side and God.

I  founded a group in Jacksonville, Florida called Spiritual Awakenings, which is a meditation and discussion group of over 400 members in the Beaches area. I take on many private students who are learning to cope with their own psychic abilities. I hope to make the world a better place  through teaching everyone that psychic abilities are natural, and everyone possesses them, though in varying degrees. I desire to see more people understanding and using their own abilities responsibly and to their fullest potential.

I have recently relocated to the South Atlanta area in Georgia, more specifically to Peachtree City in Fayette County. I am in the process of starting meditation and psychic development classes. For information on classes, and to join the class page, go to Spiritual Awakenings – South Atlanta which is set up on meetup.com.

I have worked alongside multiple paranormal teams in the Georgia and Florida areas, and welcome any opportunity to do so. I make it a point to go into each haunted location with as little prior knowledge of the place as possible. I enjoy paranormal investigating, because it helps prove just how real psychic perception is. My psychic perceptions are always backed by the scientific data collected by the paranormal investigators,  and the paranormal activity rate tends to run higher when I am present, because the spirits are attracted to me.

I also practice spiritual healing. I am a Reiki Master,  and I have trained some in Pranic and Shamanic healing arts. I am an ordained minister. I am a member of Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. (Area for Research and Enlightenment).  I have worked some with law enforcement, and on missing person cases. I am in the process of writing a book on spirituality, mysticism, and the connection with the other side.