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Psychic Abilities: Gift or Curse?

    Yesterday, I was doing an in person reading for a client. As most clients do, she had more than one situation weighing her down and she just needed some counsel and direction on her life path to help … Continue reading

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  I often like to post a quote on all my social media at the start of a day. Out of shear business, I got out the habit of doing it for awhile, but decided to start back up, literally, … Continue reading

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My Calling to Mediumship, The Spiritual War, and God’s Unconditional Love

For a few days now I have been prompted by spirit to write a little on a topic I did not expect the prompting on. The reason is because I know this topic is one I am to write about … Continue reading

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What is Christian Mysticism?

I was starting a group on called Christian Mystics, hoping to get a group together to study the works of Edgar Cayce and other great Christian Mystics. I was not sure why, but with only 14 members, it did … Continue reading

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Love is the Answer

About 13 years ago, I suffered a terrible loss. I was 6 months pregnant, and began having pains, as if I was in labor. I went to the hospital, and they said my baby no longer had a heartbeat and … Continue reading

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Paranormal Beliefs – Can Our Minds Be Changed?

  While on Facebook tonight, I came upon a post where a gentleman wrote about a typical problem among paranormal investigators. The problem was related to how teams often get fabulous evidence that can not be explained away, only to have others … Continue reading

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The Command of My Guides: Stay Inside

  Yesterday evening I was sitting and pondering for a bit about 2012 and all the theories. I have not had the strong feelings of death and destruction around 2012 that many have had. I have always felt more like … Continue reading

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Testing The Spirits

Testing the spirits to make sure they are of God is an important action for any psychic medium to take. I would even take it a step further and say that information from spirits that is not tested should be … Continue reading

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Awakening : A Poem by Valerie Renee

I spent my life fighting. I spent my life flighting. I was trying to be someone that’s not me. Most call it a gift, but I thought it a rift in my plans to have others love me. I sang … Continue reading

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Mystical Psychic Protection

I’m sure everyone has heard that you have to surround yourself in the “white light” for protection, but you can not fully expect this to work, unless you have practiced the simple laws of mysticism. According to, “How Psychic Are … Continue reading

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