I had a reading with Valerie, and it was great :-) She knew things about my family, mentioned my sister before I even said I had one. She knew things I hadn’t even told her, amazing…..I highly recommend her!


Jen C ~ Melb, Aus


I received a reading from a lady named Valerie. We chatted by voice, which resulted in a very accurate  reading. I was a little concerned that the reading I would receive might not be genuine, but I was delighted to find that untrue. This reading was spot on!

My reading was particularly spot on with the names that were used. I gave no information to the reader except for my first name. She did not guess, nor did she waiver when she gave the names of the people in my reading. I am completely amazed that a reading that was done via voice conference, and not face to face, was so accurate. When you are face to face, you are able to give facial expressions away. You can’t do that online. All the personal information the reader gave me was very accurate, and there was no possible way this lady would have ever been able to guess about all of the relatives brought to me in my reading. Thank you.”

Samantha Cooper ~ Beeston, Bedfordshire, England

Peace to all. I must admit after going to many psychics, Valerie is the best. She is very caring, and speaks the truth, regardless of the situation. I asked  a question in regards to whether or not Jen and I would be getting back together. Mind you Jen is someone I love to death, and just the hope of her returning is refreshing. I asked if she was ever coming back, and was told honestly she had no intension of returning. This was verified for me a few days later, when I finally spoke with Jen again. She expressed to me that we had simply  went through too much, and that she was not returning. This was painful, but with the truth told to me by Valerie, I was more prepared. I am finally healing, and moving on with my life. I could never thank Valerie enough. She is beautiful. If you want truth over fiction, she is the best psychic for the job.”

Damen ~ Philidelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

I had a wonderful reading with Valerie a few weeks ago. My father came through to her which thrilled me for many reasons…First, because he was an excellent judge of character in life so I knew that Valerie was a good and true person. Second, because he had wonderful advice for me both for my relationship and my film life, (and surprisingly, how they intertwined!) I feel very positive about the future and empowered to do the things that God intends for me to do.

Thanks, Valerie!”

Beth ~ Albany, Georgia, USA

Val was right on target with my family!  SHE WAS WONDERFUL!  She brought my father through without a doubt! EVERYTHING SHE TOLD US WOULD HAPPEN DID! WHAT A GIFT!!! THANK YOU!


Foster Family ~ Jacksonville, Florida, USA