Mystical Psychic Protection

I’m sure everyone has heard that you have to surround yourself in the “white light” for protection, but you can not fully expect this to work, unless you have practiced the simple laws of mysticism.

According to, “How Psychic Are You?” by Julie Soskin, “Mysticism is a way whereby the individual aims to achieve direct intuitive experience of the divine. It exists both within all major religions and outside in the form of personal spiritual practices. It is not an easy spiritual pathway; the mystic must first face his or her “real” self in order to make direct contact with the Godhead – the ultimate, eternal, source of love.”

If you want to be protected, and always receive your messages from the highest beings, it is important to become a mystic. Look at yourself from the point of view of others. What do you see that is positive? Think of the compliments people have given you in the past, and enjoy those things about yourself. Now look at your negative qualities. Have you done things that were morally wrong? Forgive yourself, and release it. Remind yourself that will avoid making that same mistake again. Have you done things that caused others pain? Apologize to those you have harmed by your actions, and again, forgive yourself, and release it, remembering not to let yourself make that mistake again. Have others done things to somehow harm you? Try to forgive them for their actions. Release that pain you have been holding on to. At some point, we have to realize that we are all one, and therefore, everyone is capable of making the same mistakes if they were in that person’s shoes. We all start the same, but factoring in our environment, upbringing, etc. Can all make us seem more different and separated than we truly are.

Make it a point to avoid negative behavior from this day forward, but do not condemn others for theirs, or you are still displaying a behavior that needs avoided. A mystic is not a perfect individual, but a mystic can see the true self within and knows themselves enough to accept the good with the bad. A mystic accepts that they have negative traits and does not deny that or attempt to put the blame on others with harbored resentments. A true mystic sees who they are, and chooses a life whereby they work to not allow those negative traits to cause harm to others. If we are aware who we are, and accepting, then we can fix things, where as, if we deny it, then we continue to cause hurt in that denial.

After all of your searching yourself is done, it can only be time to search some more. Self improvement and healing can be a life long process for many. Do you love yourself? That is a difficult part of the process for so many of us. You have to know that we all are composed of positive and negative aspects, but we are still worthy of love. Learn to love yourself. You do have to love yourself in order to be protected by God’s love and light, because that protection has to come from within you as much as from any outside source of higher power. You have to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God and the universe will protect you, and that requires faith. Sometimes the key to faith is simply believing that you are worthy of God or that higher power to provide you with protection. God only asks that you believe. If you can say that you love yourself, and know that you are just as worthy as anyone else of that love, light, and protection, then how could you not KNOW that God will ALWAYS be there? Each and everyone one of us, everything we see, hear, feel, touch, smell, know is all a part of God or that higher power, therefore, how could anything not be worthy of God’s grace? The answer? It’s impossible. We are all equally worthy. It is simply a matter of having faith in yourself and the higher power that you are indeed a small piece of, like all of us, in the vast universe. So have faith enough to know that you are worthy of forgiveness, just as everyone else is, and you are worthy of God’s love. In that love, you are protected.

Once you have truly looked into yourself, and you have devoted yourself to the mystic way, you should be ready for visualization of the white light. This is an easy way to visualize, and it is my favorite:

Get yourself in a comfortable meditative position and close your eyes. Imagine that a beautiful, bright, white light is glowing from your heart. That light is your own positive energy. Inhale deeply, taking in the energy of the universe (chi). With each beat of your heart, that white light gets bigger. With each breath you take in, visualize the white light going from your mouth with your breath, and down to your heart. Now visualize the energy of the heavens, coming down as another white light at the crown of your head, and visualize this white light coming in at the top of your head, and heading to your heart with each inhale as well. Your own positive flow increases with each inhale, and on each exhale, you should also visualize your white light growing bigger and stronger at your heart. The universe is helping you to increase your positive energy. It grows and grows with each breath you take, until your entire being is covered. This process should help you to eliminate all negative energy from your body, because as the white light grows through your body, it pushes the negative energy out side of you. Now, extend your light out to create a circle around you about a foot or 2 outside of every part of your body. Seal your circle off like a bubble, protecting yourself from all negativity. Now visualize a large bucket full of a thick, silver fluid. Pour that bucket over your bubble and allow it to coat your entire bubble in the silver fluid. The thick fluid will coat your bubble and act as a mirror, protecting you from all negativity from outside sources, reflecting back to the source and allowing that source to see their true self and what they are doing.

You should make it a point to make this a daily ritual, performed once in the morning when you get up, and once in the evening before bed. Also, be sure to do this activity before all spiritual contact, including meditation. Also, always keep the lines of communication open with God. Pray every time you seek protection.

The life of a mystic is not an easy one. As a mystic, you will be tested beyond anything you expected. The challenges are Authentic. If you can find your way past these challenges, then you can find a greater sense of peace, and a closer relationship with God and the universe. As a psychic, living a mystical life, and protecting yourself is eminent. Good luck with the challenge!

About Psychic Medium Valerie Renee

I am just your average psychic medium, spiritual healer, paranormal investigator, writer, radio host, and, of course, super mom. 2 of my kids are on the autism spectrum, and I have worked in the in the autism community before. Awareness is key.
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