Psychic Medium : Most Valuable Paranormal Tool

(The following picture was taken at the Spanish Military Hospital in St. Augustine, Fl. I sensed an energy on the bed, told everyone, and a team skeptic took the shot.)

Paranormal Investigation is the scientific study of locations claimed to be haunted by spirits. Most paranormal investigators will commonly use tools such as E.M.F. (electromagnetic field) meters, infrared thermometers, infrared camera, digital voice recorders, video cameras with night vision, still cameras, computers, and motion detectors. These tools are utilized to help prove, whether or not, a location is truly experiencing paranormal activity. Most investigators become very excited when proof is detected using these tools.

Thanks to television shows like Paranormal State and Ghost Hunters, the number of paranormal teams is on the rise, and many teams are taking a closer look at paranormal investigation. Many teams are asking themselves, “What sets us apart from the other teams? What are we really doing to help?” Many teams are now relying on psychic mediums for that reason alone.

Mediums involved in paranormal investigating are a valuable tool. With no prior knowledge of a location, they can psychically detect what spirits are there and why. They can tell paranormal investigators what rooms have the highest activity, and where to place video cameras and motion detectors, in order to get evidential proof of a haunting. Most importantly, true psychic mediums will know what can be done to help send the spirits home, or if there is a more pressing issue to be resolved first. Mediums, with the ability to be the communicator for both the living and the deceased, can sometimes become the very tool to help solve unresolved issues. Mediums will also know if the haunting involves more serious situations where a priest or demonologist might need to be called in.

A psychic medium may not be seen as a tool, but as more teams decide they want to learn more and help more, the psychic medium is becoming the most valuable paranormal tool yet.

About Psychic Medium Valerie Renee

I am just your average psychic medium, spiritual healer, paranormal investigator, writer, radio host, and, of course, super mom. 2 of my kids are on the autism spectrum, and I have worked in the in the autism community before. Awareness is key.
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  1. Cedric says:

    I use to be skeptical about psychic readings until I went to a psychic myself. For all those who are still skeptical, I would recommend to give it a try once. site

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