Paranormal Beliefs – Can Our Minds Be Changed?


While on Facebook tonight, I came upon a post where a gentleman wrote about a typical problem among paranormal investigators. The problem was related to how teams often get fabulous evidence that can not be explained away, only to have others say and  do anything they can in an attempt to discredit that very real find of paranormal activity.

I, myself, have been involved off and on in the paranormal for many years. What I have seen through my years is that when you have the the absolute most awesome evidence, people will always try to claim it is not real. I found myself in this situation, as soon as I became involved in the paranormal.

When you get something really good, so many people try to discredit you. I do know what is and isn’t real, and even though I am also a medium, I always debunk dust, reflections, pollen, moisture, etc. with a scientific approach. When I first became involved in the paranormal, I had a very good teacher who explained everything about false positives to me. There are still some finds that can never be debunked, though they are fewer and farther between.

As a medium, any team I have worked on or with finds they get more evidence with me present. I remember how awesome my first EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) capture was. The founder of the team I was with put it out everywhere so folks could hear it, very proud that our team had this capture. The EVP said, “Are you guys going to hear me?” It was a perfectly audible Class A EVP, which means the sound did not have to be altered at all to hear it perfectly. She, of course was there, and knew how real it was, but SO MANY people, I guess out of jealousy, could not just accept the Class A EVP for what it was, and tried to claim it was not real. They tried to claim our team faked it. WRONG! Get a medium, who attracts the spirits out there with a DVR (Digital Voice Recorder), and things happen. It was real…

I had to tell the guy who started the thread on Facebook that many are touched by the green eye of envy, and that is part of why paranormal people try to debunk really good evidence. If they have not gotten a capture as good, they often do not want to believe another team did. But people should consider there are many circumstances involved. A very haunted location could be active one night, and inactive the next.

As the thread on Facebook continued along, another gentleman pointed out that people will believe what they want to believe. If you believe you always will, and if you do not believe, you never will. I had to disagree with this idea based on a very interesting night I once experienced at the St. Augustine, Florida Spanish Military Hospital.

A few years back, we had a guy join us for a large group investigation through, because his wife wanted him to. She had been involved with several groups through there for awhile. I remember him laughing at the idea that I was a medium, and laughing at her for being convinced of my abilities. He also laughed at the very idea of paranormal investigation, and set out to prove to her that it was all false and a waste of time. He was a total non-believer of the whole thing…Until that night.

He followed me everywhere taking pictures. He said point blank that since I was the medium, and claimed things were around me, I would be the best one to follow to prove his point that none of this was real. I was not offended by it. As a matter of a fact, I told others that what he was doing was likely to be the best way to get evidence on this type of investigation. With so many people, there was really too much noise for good EVP evidence, so our cameras were our best friends.

He would take pictures and then show them to me expecting me to claim they were something of spirit or paranormal. He was shocked as I told him they where dust, reflections, moisture, and so on. He expected me to claim all of it was spirit…

There came a point during my walk through where I felt this energy at a bed, and pointed it out, asking the group to take pictures. He was right there, and got a shot neither I nor anyone could deny. (The shot is at the top of this post.) Others brought over the EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Meter and temperature gauge which both spiked high numbers at this point then as well. We clearly had something. The Spanish Military Hospital in St. Augustine kept pictures of that shot and started charging people to investigate after that picture.

As for the non-believer who made fun of me, he was a changed man after that night. He now believed. I received very surprised apologies from him, and his wife was thrilled. He and his wife became so into the paranormal that they decided to start their own paranormal team. He then had the para-bug too!

So, as you can see, I have witnessed a non-believer transformed. Do you believe?




About Psychic Medium Valerie Renee

I am just your average psychic medium, spiritual healer, paranormal investigator, writer, radio host, and, of course, super mom. 2 of my kids are on the autism spectrum, and I have worked in the in the autism community before. Awareness is key.
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  1. Carol R. says:

    I enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for writing. I look forward to the next one.

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